Stravicom Global, Inc...

Stravicom Global, Inc. is a professional services firm focused on assisting the Owner, CEO, and/or Leadership teams of organizations to prosper through the transitions all organizations face at various points in their evolution. Making the right strategic decisions before, during, and after the transitions can determine the difference between failure and success. Having a trusted advisor on your team that can bring extensive experience, an objective perspective, and the proper tools will prove to be a wise investment. These changes occur in all organizations, whether a business, government, education, religion, or non-profit and can include:

  • Organizational growth
  • Regional Expansion
  • New products or services
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Sales decline
  • CEO and Senior Leadership Transitions
  • Board expansion or transition
  • Succession planning
  • The team at Stravicom Global, Inc. has extensive experience in a variety of industries that include professional services, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, green energy, government, and non-profits.

    The tools and support provided by Stravicom Global, Inc. extends beyond advisory services to establish a proven framework which allows the CEO to make intelligent decisions based on clarity and objectivity instead of emotion and subjective data. Once these critical decisions are made and plans are developed, effective coaching of the team will ensure leaders are developed and sustainable success is achieved.

    Contact Stravicom Global, Inc. today for a free, confidential conversation to learn how these effective tools can move your organization to the desired destination.