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It is Time…to Shift the Paradigm of Consulting to the New Reality

The age in which we live is very different from any previous period in history. There is a New Reality we must all adapt to and embrace in order to survive and better yet… thrive. Many organizations have used consulting firms to assist with the navigation of uncertain waters and chart the course to new horizons. Most would agree, seeking an outside perspective often brings great value to this process. However, even the traditional model of consulting is challenged today, as we begin to shift our paradigm of consulting to the New Reality.

The perspective of most consultants is from a position of experience. For example, when you meet with a potential consultant, he/she will usually ask many questions concerning the organization, much like a doctor or engineer does when diagnosing a problem. The consultant will usually offer a solution based on their experience and area of expertise, such as sales, marketing, operations, financial, etc. This approach works when there is a specific problem, however, when an organization is being faced with many shifting circumstances such as a reduced consumer base, increased competition, technology shifts, global competition, and outdated products and/or services, etc. the traditional method of diagnosis does not work. The problems are much deeper than the symptoms which appear on the surface. Solutions offered in a fairly static environment are very different than those needed in the extremely dynamic environment we encounter today.

The exciting news is that when change is occurring at the rate we are experiencing today, there is much opportunity for those organizations that can see beyond the clutter and panic and chart a new course. However, to accomplish this successfully, the consultant must also shift their approach and use new and different tools to assist clients to embrace the New Reality. This shift is from the traditional consulting mode based on past industry experience to a holistic view of the organization, positioning them for prosperity in the new environment. Often holding on to or looking back to past successes can not only be a detriment, but may lead to a downfall in shifting market conditions.

Waiting for conditions to return to the previous state will most likely not occur since ”business as usual” is for yesterday’s thinking. Fresh ideas, leveraging the strengths of the organization, and re-positioning your organization to prosper in the current market conditions is necessary to thrive in a dynamic, complex and quickly changing environment. However, this requires a systemic approach to provide a holistic view of the organization and objectively position the organization to flourish in the current market environment….hence, the paradigm shift to the new reality…it is time.

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